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Hydronic Heating

Water & Gas Doctor specialises in Hydronic Heating in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Used for generations in Europe to heat homes efficiently and in style, hydronic heating uses natural convection and radiation to heat your home in silence and comfort, without the dust and allergens often associated with ducted central heating.

A luxurious heating method, hydronic heating also offers superior design and a range of styles to complement any modern or traditional setting. Water & Gas Doctor offers the unique combination of quality service, expertise and a range of premium hydronic heating, hydronic cooling, LPG, natural gas, electric and biomass wood pellet boilers, solar hot water, electric wall panel radiators and heated towel rail solutions for residential and commercial applications.

This smart energy combined with innovative modern heating technology and materials, produces the most efficient heating system available.

Water & Gas Doctor recommends and installs Hunt Heating Products.

Visit the Hunt Heating website for more information on Hydronic Heating.


Hydronic Heating & Cooling Installation, Service, Repair & Maintenance 

Note: Servicing your Hydronic Heating system is much like a minor service on your car, the main aim is to find any minor issues and attend to them before they become large problems.

An annual service ensures that your system runs at it’s peak efficiency.


About Us

David Jude has been trading as Water & Gas Doctor since 1986.

Servicing the Canberra and surrounding communities for over 40 years in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry.

David is a licensed plumber, drainer and gasfitter in the ACT and NSW. Offering a great deal of knowledge and experience, David is ready to assist you.

Specialising in Hydronic Heating, David will expertly manage your hydronic heating requirements from beginning to end with customised designs.

Installations in new and existing homes as well as service and repairs to all hydronic systems.